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Did you know? 

Since 2018, the village of Allenjoie has seen a few storks pass through, and we have noticed attempts to build nests... 

In 2019, a collaboration between the municipality, the League for the Protection of Birds and the ENEDIS company resulted in the installation of a mast surmounted by a basket intended to facilitate the construction of a nest.

It was in the spring of 2020 that the first installation of a couple took place, followed by brooding and the birth of 2 storks which developed before taking flight. This phenomenon has been repeated every year since. 

Note: Allenjoie is the only town in the Doubs to host a pair of storks that nest and provide offspring. Undoubtedly the renowned quality of welcome of this village! 

The nest is located in the heart of the village, near the playground, rue de l'Ecluse. The favorable period for observation is from March to July, approximately. 


The Clip Museum

It's been nearly two and a half centuries since the "makers of watchmaking tools" appeared in Montécheroux. Of exceptional quality, the Montecheroux pliers, of an infinite variety, will be known and sold all over the world.

Distance: 30km - 37 min


The Cave of Osselle

For the beauty of its natural setting, the variety of its crystallizations and colorations, for its geological phenomena and for its historical and prehistoric treasures, the cave of Osselle counts among the most amazing caves in the world.

Distance: 110km - 1h15
osselle ©Emmanuel EME (14)-1400x0.jpg

The Gustave Courbet Museum

In Ornans, over more than 2000 m²divided into 22 rooms, the museum was completely renovated and enlarged in 2011. Beneath the glass slabs flows the Loue and the temporary exhibitions that enliven the place mirror the works of artists around the themes dear to the child of the Country.

Distance: 90km - 1h20
musee courbet.jpg

The Vauban Citadel of Besançon

It is the first tourist site in Franche-Comte. A masterpiece of military architecture, this Unesco listed fortress dominates the Comtoise capital with its imposing mass.

Distance: 84km - 1h10


Regional nature reserve of the bass-savourous, essentially consisting of one of the rare alluvial forests of Franche-Comte where the river "La Savoureuse" can wander around a biological complex of great ecological diversity.

Distance 4km - 8 mins

The castle of Joux

Installed on a rocky promontory from the Middle Ages, the Castle of Joux was fortified by the Sires of Joux in the 12th century. The twists and turns of history have made it a military fortressire, edited by Vauban in the 17th century then by General Séré de Rivières in the 19th century.

Distance: 120km - 1h40


The Peugeot Adventure Museum

In Sochaux, from saw blades to rally vehicles and modern concept cars, the rutile collection with 130 vehicles, 50 motorcycles and 500 objects stamped with Peugeot seal.

Distance 7.5 km - 10 mins

The castle of the Dukes of  Württemberg

Don't be fooled by its massive silhouette that dominates the second city of the Doubs. The castle of Montbeliard, if it was a bastion of the falsely austere Germanic culture, continues to breathe on the city a unique identity that shakes up the codes.

Distance: 10 km - 12 min
chateau montbelliard.jpg
Montbenoit Abbey
Located in the Republic of Saugeais, the Abbey founded in the 12th century by the Sire de Joux, is the best preserved medieval religious complex in the Doubs. 42 remarkable carved wooden stalls, 12th-15th century cloister, chapels, monks' kitchen. Visit to the Museum of the Republic of Saugeais included in the visit to the Abbey.

Distance: 95 km - 1h30
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